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In What Ways Can Premises Liability Be A Claim?

A premises liability claim may be valid if an injured person sustains an injury on a property owned or controlled by another party. This kind of case often involves negligence on the part of a property owner by not maintaining the property or by failing to remove hazards within the property that could be dangerous to others. In some conditions, trespassers or people invading your home can eliminate your liability for these threats. It is possible, however, to make an exception if the injured individual is under the state's minimum age for consent.

A Philadelphia premises liability lawyer  is usually necessary for premises liability claims since they require expertise and knowledge in gathering evidence, presenting an argument against the opposing party, and presenting the claim to support the claim. The premises liability lawyer will also know about any additional law or regulation that may apply to the situation.

Premises Liability Claims

There are various factors and issues that can apply to a premises liability claim. Slips and falls, dog bites, exposure to toxic or hazardous substances, and property defects are some of the injuries a consumer may suffer when on a property. Nevertheless, in addition to slipping on slippery or icy surfaces, trips or falls from rugs or pavement and other hazards on other people's property, the victim may also injure themselves as a result of these dangers. When a plaintiff suffers bodily harm, a premises liability lawyer will need to be consulted. Click here to see one of our top slip and fall lawyers. 

A Guide To Your Legal Rights In Claims Related To Automatic Door Accidents

In today's world, it seems as though everything is so complicated, but an additional complicating factor is the malfunction of automatic doors. There could be several parties liable for injuries in such cases, including the owner and anyone responsible for manufacturing or installing the door. Let's examine when you can file a lawsuit after an incident with an automatic door.


An injured person must demonstrate damages or injuries in order to be awarded compensation. It is unlikely that there will be significant injuries in cases of malfunctioning automatic doors. Doors may close too quickly and cause someone to trip. In most cases, this is not a serious injury. You must demonstrate that the injury is substantial enough to make a lawsuit viable in order to prove negligence has occurred. Although it is possible that an automatic door can cause severe injuries, in most cases, there will be insufficient damage to make filing a lawsuit worthwhile.

Premises liability

When inviting customers onto a property for financial gain, proprietors are required to show them the utmost care. To determine whether the lawsuit will succeed, the law of foreseeability is important. The proprietor may be able to argue that the accident wasn't their fault if an automatic door lets go. This, however, is hardly ever the case. The owner of the establishment fails to fix the door that isn't functioning properly, so they could be sued as a punishment for their inaction.

Product liability

The company that manufactures the product is strictly responsible if the product malfunctions and injures someone. Additionally, companies can be held liable if a product causes injuries without malfunctioning, yet still poses a risk. This is known as strict liability, because it does not require negligence to be proved. Only if they can show that the company was not able to anticipate how they were going to use the product can they be proven wrong. The majority of people don't use automatic doors inappropriately, even if children sometimes hurt themselves.

Automatic doors cause the following types of accidents

Generally, automatic garage doors and overhead doors are the most dangerous. In most cases, automatic doors in places where customers are busy, such as Walmart or Target, are involved. If you were injured, contact nyc injury attorneys p.c. for a free consultation!
  • Accidents at pinch points – caused by door closures that close abruptly. It is possible for
    heads, hands, and feet to be crushed by the door's pressure.
  • Injuries caused by falling – Knocking an adult to the ground by a malfunctioning automatic door is easy. A spine injury, knee injury, wrist injury, or head injury can result.
  • Traumatic blunt force injuries – An unsuspecting person can suffer blunt force traumas when doors open or close suddenly.
Typically, when an accident like this occurs, the victim is unaware of the circumstances or carrying something that would make them unable to maintain a balance. When an automatic door injures you, you can sue for damages. DOOR INJURY LAWYERS provides personal injury services and can assist you in filing a legal action against a negligent proprietor or a manufacturer and installer of the door. Contact us today to learn more.

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